Saturday, March 03, 2012


Having 7 people in the family has made our coat racks overflow. We have one by our front door with 5 hooks. That obviously isn't big enough because we have 7 people who have thicker winter coats plus jackets plus backpacks for the school kids, and then some hats and things. We have another 5 hook rack by the back door but don't use it as much because we always go out the front door, so it holds less used jackets and hats. Our coat closet has 4 hooks on the inside of the door and I've started putting the boys backpacks in there. There's a bunch of other coats and jackets hanging in there. Either we need to get a new coat rack from or maybe it's time to purge some of our outerwear lol.

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Ladybug said...

We've been in the same boat. We just bought another coat rack which makes three. They hang on the wall and they're all full. The joys of having bigger families. :D