Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mild winter

I have been loving the mild winter we've had so far. We've only gotten snow a couple times and it hasn't been as cold as normal. Bright sunny days have been great, though I wish I had some nice ray ban sunglasses while driving cuz my eyes are sensitive to light and the bright days make it hard to drive. I always forget to grab a pair of my Hubby's sunglasses. We did get some snow this week. Not too much, and since I had nowhere to go I didn't mind lol. We are supposed to get more snow this week, though. I need to plan to take the boys sledding while the snow is here. The school across the road has the perfect tiny hill for little kids. I haven't gone sledding myself since we moved from Idaho 4 years ago, I'm so lame lol. It was just so much easier when we had our own personal hill in the backyard.

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