Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gonna pop!

So I am feeling so huge! Not sure how I can grow any more over the next few months lol. These little boys are so active too. I'm glad that we've decided to visit the inlaws just after Thanksgiving this year because there is no way we are going up at Christmas. Not only does the dr not want me traveling at that stage (so no point in looking up flight deals to get away from this freezing weather) but I can't imagine how uncomfortable it would be to sit in the car for 5 hrs at that point. I'm sure it'll be pretty uncomfortable in 2 weeks. Some of my maternity shirts are already getting too short, and I think all of my non-maternity shirts have been retired for a bit by now. And pants, ugh. I have a few pair of maternity jeans and they are all uncomfortable. Thank heavens for my 2 pair of maternity yoga pants. They are my favorite pants ever!

I will be taking a new belly pic tomorrow (if I remember lol) and will get that posted.

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charlottehackberry said...

Well you may feel huge, but you sure look cute!!